Mindfulness through Art

Mindfulness through Art
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Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker 1

On Monday last we had a guest speaker, Colette Long come in and give a presentation on good oral hygiene and overall dental care. For our members who attended the presentation, everyone found it very worth-while and will undoubtedly the topics covered will be of great benefit as good oral hygiene is something we should all get our teeth into !!!!!!

Computer Course in Quarryvale FRC

Last Wednesday the 28th of March saw the end of the computer class which our members Teresa and Liam have been attending for the last 6 weeks. The guys really enjoyed the course and learned a great deal about computing, the internet and how to communicate via e-mail to be name but a few. There is hopefully a follow-on course taking place in the future and our guys can’t wait to continue on with their studies!!!!

Collins Barracks Trip 2018

On Tuesday 27th March a group of our members accompanied by staff Laura and Mark hopped on the LUAS into town and went to visit the National History Museum situated in the old Collins Military Barracks. It was a very enjoyable experience, the museum covers  all aspects of  historical times up to and including a large installation on Irish Military History throughout the ages. It is well worth a visit and all our members really enjoyed the day with some vowing to return in the future.

Jobs talk


Yesterday we had speakers in from Obair, Donna and Marion. They gave us a very  informative talk and a great deal of helpful information to help us get in  touch with local job agency’s and facilities such as EmployAbility and Solás. We are very greatful for their talk and can’t wait to use all the new information we have learned

    So thank you very much Donna and Marion.


Spring fest 2018


As it is the first week of spring there will be a fare in clondalkin village in the church of Ireland, across from the happy pear cafe on Saturday the 24th of March. There will be stands set up to sell the likes of cakes and sweets and other treats

Movie night


Movie night was on the 21st of March and the members selected ” LA LA Land a musical based love story portrayed by Emma stone and Ryan gosling. The event was held in the social media room of the clubhouse.

Mindfulness Art


Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts,feelings,bodily sensations and surrounding environment by doing gentle breathing exercises.

One of our placement students facilitated the Mindfulness Art class yesterday. It was completely new to us and a great learning curve for us. We start off by closing our eyes and doing gentle breathing exercises to get ourselves into the now. We each have a piece of paper on front of us to write down our feelings or draw whatever comes into our mind.

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